I love a mid-week holiday. It breaks up the week — and actually Steve has Friday off too so I have plenty of company this week! I love it.

Will (seen here in one of his Eagles onesies) enjoys the extra company too. (Side note: I think he is going to keep his blue eyes! Yay!)

I took advantage of Steve’s presence today to fit in a run outside this morning. 3.1 very hot, hilly and sweaty miles done — it was a tough run, too, because the routes around my house are literally all hills. Even the flats are false flats. I comforted myself during the last uphill by remembering that hill running will make me stronger and faster when I run flat routes. I’ve been tempted to increase my distance past four miles before race day, but I think I’ll resist — speed is my goal here, not distance quite yet. In addition to an easy run and a longer run, I’ve been doing one interval run and one tempo run per week (just three miles each) which I think is helping a lot. My pace now is under a 10:00 mile. What an improvement from last year. I’m amazed!

Other plans today include a trip to the pool with Will and some of my neighbor friends. Believe it or not, there are FOUR girls in my neighborhood (including me) who had boys within one month of each other, so we’ve been getting together to talk all things baby and encourage each other as we all move out of the newborn stage. Will is twelve weeks old today — we’ve made it through the fourth trimester!

I know: it’s shocking to me, too.

I am also making a black bean salad to bring to Leah’s, where we’ll celebrate America’s birthday and Leah and Chad’s tenth wedding anniversary, which is coming up on Friday. (I can’t believe we finished college ten years ago. Where has the last decade gone?? Where did my twenties go??)

We will dress Will in his most patriotic outfit. I’ll take pictures. Have a great day!