So, it’s still hot. Thankfully today is the last day of this extreme heat (it’s a measure of how miserable it is outside that Steve and I were encouraged to know that today’s high is “only” 99!) and I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy the outdoors again instead of just enduring them.

Yesterday morning we got out the door in record time — I was running on the Greenbelt by 7:30. (We’d go out earlier, of course, but I don’t believe in waking up a sleeping baby!) I am really loving this route for its shade and lack of hills. It was a very hot and muggy four miles, but I felt so much better than I did on Wednesday, probably because of said shade and lack of hills. I finished four miles in 41:08, which surprised me because I kept the pace very easy and walked a few times. My speedwork might be paying off!

Other than that, the three of us have stayed firmly indoors this weekend. We only ventured out to Target yesterday and enjoyed dinner in (black bean burgers — yum), and followed the Wimbledon women’s finals. I also got to FINALLY finish the hat I cast on the day I went into labor:

Again, the pattern said newborn. Is it me?? At any rate, I’m glad it’s too big because this baby does not need to be wearing hats in 100-degree temperatures.

Now I just need to finish the striped blanket I was working on before his arrival — hopefully we’ll have room to pack it in the car to the beach. (It takes up a lot of space.) And after that I am determined to start experimenting with socks. I can’t wait!

We got our errands out of the way yesterday so we could take it easy today. We very sadly watched Andy Murray lose Wimbledon, I’ve done some cleaning, and I’m getting things done in the kitchen.

I need a haircut.

On Friday night I finally succumbed to my craving and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I saved half the dough in the freezer “in case of emergency” — but somehow I think Steve and I will declare an emergency some night very soon! Homemade cookie dough is one of my favorite foods and, like popcorn and Oreos, it’s something I have very little self-control around so I make cookies MUCH less frequently than I used to. It’s a sad way to live, but absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Today I’m making chicken stock and granola:

Not to be eaten together.

The granola is based on a Cook’s Illustrated recipe which has you bake the granola packed into a half sheet pan and then broken up into clusters after baking, hence the parchment paper. I’ve been going through granola like crazy lately and I will be reluctantly sharing this batch at the beach next week! (The chicken stock, however, is staying home.)

I hear thunder outside — it sounds like that long-awaited storm is finally on its way! Cooler temperatures here we come!