Somehow my sweet little baby has gone from this:

to this!

I know, I can’t believe it either. Where did the last three months go?

Somehow in the last thirteen weeks* Will has gone from a fussy, unpredictable alien newborn to a cheerful, chubby, almost-predictable baby. It’s wonderful.

Some three month facts and stats:

sleep: His overnight sleep is great. He goes to bed around 8 and is generally up once to eat, between 3 and 5. He has slept through the night a few times a week for about the last month or so. We have still been swaddling him (since he’s obsessed with his hands and they would distract him) but last night and tonight we’ve let him sleep with his arms out, and it’s gone much better than our previous attempts! He is still in our room with us, but that’s really more because I like having him next to me than anything. We keep saying that when we get back from the beach we’ll transition him into his own room, so … I guess we’ll see. I don’t think I’m ready to have him be down the hall!

naptimes: For about the last three weeks he has consistently taken a long morning nap (today was almost three hours). We have a nice routine going in the morning, and I love it — I’m a big lover of routines in general and after so many weeks without one, it’s nice to feel like I can know what to expect. Our afternoons are still kind of luck of the draw — some days he takes a long nap, but more often it seems like he takes a series of two or three shorter naps. I’m hoping (and guessing?) that one day in the next month or two these short naps will consolidate into one longer nap; occasionally he will get in a good flow of long morning nap, shorter midday nap, longer afternoon nap, but who knows? I never knew so much of my life would revolve around naptimes! Fortunately, even when he doesn’t nap well he is still pretty cheerful, though he tends to start to lose it around dinner time if he’s too tired.

diapers: Cloth diapering is going really well. We had some issues a few weeks ago when I made the apparently VERY IMPORTANT DISCOVERY that you are not supposed to use diaper cream with cloth diapers! Why did I not know this??? At any rate, we’ve sorted it out and have way fewer leaks. We put him in a disposable at night sometimes if he has some diaper rash but I’d say he’s in cloth 90% of the time. He wears size one disposables, but we bought our first pack of size twos this past weekend, and (again) I’m not ready for that!

Today was a diaper washing day

clothes: Growing out of his 0-3 stuff at an alarming rate. I went through all of his 3-6 clothes and got them ready for him, and he’s worn a few of his bigger outfits. Every day I have to put away more clothes that don’t fit!

likes: He loves his play mat these days.

This picture was taken last week, he just happens to be wearing the same onesie.

He is starting to bat at the hanging toys and grasp things, which is so fun to watch. He practices holding rings and is even starting to bring them to his mouth! — Speaking of his mouth he is also obsessed with sucking on his hands. Other favorites include bath time, diaper change time (he seems to love being naked), and watching anything that has lots of lights, movement and sound. (This includes TV. Heh. He really enjoyed watching Wimbledon and the Olympic Trials!)

dislikes: Tummy time. He still hates it, but he’s getting better at lifting his head up. We help him work on his head control by sitting him in the Bumbo or holding him upright, so he has okay head control; he just doesn’t seem to get the point of laying on his tummy. But other than that, he is a very happy boy — he talks and smiles all day long, and is working on his laugh too!

As for me, in the thirteen weeks since I gave birth, a lot has changed. Physically, I feel basically like my pre-pregnancy self these days, which is great — no residual pain or soreness, and I am just a few pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight**. The crazy thing is, I have pretty much forgotten what labor felt like (one reason I’m glad I wrote out a detailed birth story) — it’s all a blur in my memory now. I am no longer as sleep-deprived, meaning I no longer feel quite so crazy. Emotionally I feel much more balanced, too. I continue to miss my career but am enjoying my time at home with Will a lot. He makes it very easy for me and I can’t wait to see what the next month brings us!

* Time to start counting his age in months! No more of this weeks business.

** I want to emphasize that this is not happening without effort. I hear SO MANY stories from new moms who say that the weight melted off just by breastfeeding and eating a ton, but that has not been the case for me. I don’t have that insane breastfeeding hunger, and without paying attention to calories in/calories out, I really think the last fifteen pounds of pregnancy weight wouldn’t have budged. I say this because I think it’s easy to assume losing the baby weight will happen automatically. It doesn’t always! For me, it takes work.