2012 container garden progress:

tomatoes and lavender

lavender (which is flowering!) and basil (which is overgrown) and spiderweb (which won’t go away)

ever so artistic shot of tomatoes with bonus diapers in the background

I’m such a great photographer

the pepper curse has not struck yet!

I’m pretty sure these are going to be red peppers (that is if the pepper curse doesn’t strike them down)

Now if I can just keep all this alive for the rest of the summer …

Of course, it is not all beautiful ripening tomatoes and peppers. There’s this:

but really that’s just because pea season is over. I have a bunch of peas in the fridge that I harvested and need to freeze!

I am also willing to admit that I planted too much basil this year — I can’t keep up with it. I pruned it again yesterday (perhaps too aggressively) and really, there’s only so much pesto I can make. I also want to try basil hummus, and then freezing some of the fresh basil to use in pasta sauces and other such things all winter. But I think I have about twice as much basil as I really need. Lesson learned!

The flower beds out back are still choked with weeds. I still have a pipe dream of getting it all cleared out in time to put some coneflowers in, but it’s been so hot the last few weeks and Will’s only predictable nap (the morning) is the only chance I have all day to work out, so gardening hasn’t happened much yet. Still, I had low expectations this year, which made it easy for the 2012 container garden to meet (and even exceed) them. I have plenty of tomatoes ripening; I have flowering lavender (no idea what I’m going to do with it yet), I have basil coming out of my ears, and I might just get to eat a home-grown pepper before the summer’s out. Three cheers for low expectations!