Insert your favorite beach view here. I’ve been relaxing so well I haven’t taken any vacation pictures yet! Must get on that.

Things are lovely here. I’ve sat by the beach with my toes in the water; I’ve swam in the pool (Will has too!); I’ve had ice cream every night; I’ve had long uninterrupted hours reading books and magazines; I’ve discovered the joy that is cold-pressed iced coffee. I’ve run along the beach pretending I’m in an Asics commercial and there are two sweet blond cats that hang around our house. (They’re feral and I think they live very well.) Will has started sleeping without a swaddle blanket at all AND without needing to be rocked to sleep; there is a giant jacuzzi tub in our bathroom that I fully plan to take advantage of in the next few days; and I’m writing this blog post from my perch in an Adirondack chair on the third floor deck, overlooking the ocean. I just ate a donut.

Basically, I’m never coming home. Charlottesville who?