We got in late last night early this morning after a long drive home in the rain. (At one point we had to pull off the highway because we could no longer see the road! At that point of course Will woke up, but it gave me the opportunity to pump a bottle for him which helped him pass back out for the remainder of the trip. We really are so lucky to have a baby who does so well in the car.) We fell into bed at 2 a.m., hoping Will wasn’t going to want to start his day at 6 …but  fortunately he let us sleep in until 8. These once-a-night wakeups have me spoiled, though, because I was dragging this morning after only 6 hours of sleep! My weakening resolve to abstain from caffeine was sorely tested.

We are getting back into the routine, though — thankful for a cool and cloudy morning that meant we didn’t have to get to the Greenbelt before it heated up too much, I relaxed a bit and had breakfast before heading out to the trail on my own. (Clouds and drizzle =/= stroller walking weather.) Five miles in 48 minutes and I could have kept going! Not only do I feel prepared for the four miler in September now, but I am thinking of registering for a 10k that’s two weeks after it. I hadn’t forgotten how much I love running longer distances (“longer” being longer than 3 miles, I mean) and it felt awesome to finally get back to it. Now if race day weather could be this cool and cloudy … I’ll start praying for it now. Ha.

Anyway, the rest of our vacation was absolutely lovely. We were blessed with great weather up until Friday and the company was wonderful!

Will was very popular with his cousins. I can’t wait until next year when he will be chasing after them!

We also introduced him to the Atlantic. I’m sure they will get to be great friends over the years.

Will was unimpressed with the majesty of the ocean.

My swimsuit is too big but now it’s probably too late to get a new one!

I ran on the beach several times, which is something I’ve never done before — for some reason the last few times I’ve come to the beach, I’ve stuck to road running. It was so nice to run in the packed sand right by the shore and hear the sound of the ocean instead of the sound of my breathing! Beach running was not easy, but it was a lot of fun. Great people watching. (I also want to mention that this week was the first time we ever left Will with someone else. His aunts, uncles and grandparents did a great job looking after him while Dad played tennis and Mom went running!)

My yoga streak started this week, too, which meant I got to practice yoga several times with this view:

while this little friend kept me company.

I got to experience both hot yoga and yoga with a nice sea breeze. I’m going to miss it when I practice tonight … living room yoga just isn’t the same. (I see more deck yoga in my future.)

My daily practice is already teaching and showing me new things. I’m really glad I decided to do this!

In addition to all the running and yoga, we did a lot of eating on this vacation — Steve and I were just lamenting our newfound lack of dessert. No more lunch dessert, dinner dessert, afternoon snack dessert, and dessert dessert. Sigh. Life goes on! I brought with me a dark chocolate bar infused with orange peel (one of my very favorite flavor combinations) and am enjoying it slowly. It’ll have to stand in for all the ice cream cones and brownies I’m missing.

And now we’re home. I managed to accomplish my two beach vacation “goals” — 1. don’t get a sunburn, and 2. don’t gain too much weight. But of course my real beach vacation goals were all checked off — reading on the deck, sitting with my toes in the sand, relaxing in a giant jacuzzi tub, swimming in the pool, enjoying a glass of wine every night, having fun with my family, laughing a lot, and introducing Will to the ocean for the first time. It was a wonderful week!