I skipped this morning’s yoga practice, ostensibly, so that I could make a batch of granola and a bunch of pizza doughs to take to the beach tomorrow. However, Olympic synchronized swimming took precedence so by the time Will woke up I had accomplished nothing except polishing off a giant bowl of yogurt, peaches and granola. (The peach obsession continues. I should just give it up and start eating out of mixing bowls.)


Amazing to watch! For the past two weeks I’ve been trying to decide what Olympic sport I would compete in. Maybe rowing or canoe? Those don’t require a lot of coordination. But synchronized swimming was really cool to watch and, were I a strong swimmer, I think it would be fun!

But that is neither here nor there. Despite my laziness this week (and by laziness I mean exhaustion; Will has a mild cold and is keeping us on our toes by waking up more often at night and not napping as long during the day) I was eventually able to get everything done in the kitchen that I needed to. I started out by canning seven pounds of peaches on Wednesday:

Here they are hiding in my kitchen hutch, awaiting that happy day in January when I realize I can have fresh, local peaches with my cottage cheese. I dread the day I have to say goodbye to summer peaches, but this will soften the blow a bit.

I’ve discovered over the last few years that I really enjoy canning. I plan on making a batch of applesauce this fall as well — both for myself and for Will! It’s such a fun thing to do and I love the opportunity to increase my productivity at home beyond laundry and vacuuming. While my gardening still leaves room for improvement, and I don’t have chickens or goats (sigh) I can at least feel a little like Ma Ingalls by “putting up” food to enjoy all year long.

ANYWAY. In addition to canning peaches and daydreaming about growing all my own food someday, I also did find time to make two batches of granola and some pizza dough. Sadly I am out of both maple syrup and coconut oil now, but I have some maple syrup coming to me by way of the New Hampshire Josephsons. Trader Joe’s doesn’t open here until the fall, so until I can get my coconut oil for cheap(ish) I’ll just have to find it at Whole Foods again. Life is so hard.

So what was happening in the kitchen tonight?

Cookies! Josephsons can’t spend a week at the beach without a supply of cookie dough, waiting to be baked fresh each night.

And tomorrow we are off! I can’t wait. Another week of sun, sand, good food, good company, outdoor yoga, running on the beach, and (hopefully) some sleep. Whew.