Man, I have been a terrible blogger these days. I guess I am just enjoying my lazy days of summer and don’t have much to report! Things are so wonderful lately that my thoughts tend toward just incoherent ramblings about contentment, happiness, and a general feeling of zenlike peace.

Anyway, while I’ve been off Anne Shirleying, my sweet babe turned four months old.

Seriously, I thought he looked like this just two days ago:

Apparently not.

Anyway, this month has been a ton of fun. Will’s gained a lot of new skills, including this one:

Yes: the baby who HATED being on his tummy now can’t stop rolling over. (That being said, I think he still doesn’t really like being on his tummy — he just likes to roll over!) He spent a long time working on this skill and one day I put him down on this play mat, then walked into the kitchen for a banana. When I came back, here he was — and he hasn’t stopped rolling ever since. (He still isn’t great at rolling from his tummy to his back, so I am often on hand to roll him back over when he gets upset.)

I’ve also noticed his head control and ability to sit up have greatly improved this month. Compared to his three-month picture, he is sitting up on his own much better. Of course, he is nowhere near ready to sit on his own, but he can sit in his bumbo or in the corner of the couch and be pretty comfortable. And I can carry him on my hip a lot more easily, too.

He continues to be a very relaxed baby. He likes to sit and observe his surroundings when we’re out and about, and he doesn’t fuss much unless he’s tired or hungry. He is usually content if he has a toy to hold and manipulate with his hands (and put in his mouth) — his favorite right now is just a short chain of little plastic rings. This month we’ve been to a lot of places together — to the farmer’s market, the park, the grocery store, to a shoe fitting at our local running shop, overnight in a hotel, to the beach (twice!), to my dad’s house … he is a very easy traveler and I am very grateful for that.

Will and I also survived our first solo overnight trip together, when we went up to Warrenton a few weeks ago. I am so much more confident as a mom now and no longer fear all the what-ifs when it comes to taking care of him — what if he cries the whole way to Warrenton? what if he doesn’t nap without his swing? what if he doesn’t sleep well while we’re there? — I’ve learned that I can handle the worst-case scenarios and we’ll be just fine. Wondering what’s the worst that could happen? has helped me become a much more laid-back mom and that, in turn, has made me a much happier mom. Before he was born I was afraid I’d be a ball of anxiety, but I am happy to report that that has not been the case.

In addition to our road trip, we’ve also survived Will’s first cold. It wasn’t bad, but there were a few long nights with an angry baby who kept waking himself up with a stuffy nose. It was so hard to listen to his pitiful little cough! We got through it with a little help from saline nasal drops and a bulb syringe (neither of which endeared themselves to Will) and he is back to his usual self now. I’m so grateful that it wasn’t a worse cold, and I dread the day he gets a really nasty sickness.

Some four-month-old stats:

  • Sleep: He does great at night and generally wakes up once to eat, around four a.m. or so. He goes right back to sleep. At this point, we put him to bed in his own room and then keep him in ours after his early-morning meal. It works really well! He sleeps through the night somewhat less than he was for a while, but it’s on average about once a week. It’s a pretty good deal.
  • Naps: He is still going strong with his long morning nap, but overall when I put him down, I still don’t know how long he’ll sleep. Usually in the morning he sleeps about 2+ hours (though it’s by no means a guarantee), but in the afternoons I still have no idea what he’ll do. Fortunately, he is very easygoing about his naps and if he doesn’t get a long morning nap, he often will take a long afternoon nap instead.
  • Clothes: 3-6. He has some really cute stuff. I love little boy clothes. His baptism is coming up in a few weeks and I need to find a little oxford onesie!! — That being said, I almost never put him in actual outfits. I dress him in onesies almost all the time. Pants are overrated in August.
  • Diapers: Still going strong in cloth. This past week at the beach he wore disposables (size two!) and I was amazed at the giant bag full of dirty diapers we accumulated within just three days. Cloth diapers might not be the right choice for every family but this just reaffirmed to me that they are the right choice for us! I love his giant cloth diaper butt.
  • Favorite things: Bath time (really any time he gets to be naked), holding small toys, looking at faces, talking and squealing, laughing, sucking on his thumb and first finger
  • Least favorite things: Bulb syringes, being too tired, being on his tummy too long
  • I miss: The days when he would nurse without grabbing my hair
  • I’m looking forward to: Starting solids in a few weeks! (I have mixed feelings on this.) And stroller running! We plan to start in the next week or so.

It just keeps getting more and more fun. I can’t wait to see what next month brings!