We had a big weekend.

Will was baptized this morning!

Apart from the significance of this first step in his faith walk (baptism marks him as a child of the Covenant, and gives our family a framework of faith in which to raise him), I was just relieved that no one tripped and fell walking up to the front of the sanctuary, and that Will did not cry or spit up on himself while we were up there. Whew.

The other big event:

Yeah rice cereal!

I know, I know — you don’t need to start with cereal. But I figured we’d start small and work our way up.

I wasn’t in an especially big hurry to start solids; in fact I felt like there must be no way Will (and I) could be ready! But I really do think he is — he’s started chewing on things with gusto and definitely watches us when we eat. It’s making us feel like we’re being rude, eating in front of him without offering him anything.

I’m not sure how he liked the cereal, but he seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. He didn’t have much, just a few bites, and we’ll try again tomorrow. Like I said, we’re starting small. I did order some carrots, squash and sweet potatoes from our CSA this past week so I can start to prepare some purees for him in the next week or two! I can’t wait to introduce him to all kinds of foods. Soon enough he’ll be able to sit in a high chair and play with his dinner on his own. Perhaps he will even eat some … I am reading some about baby-led weaning as well and just thinking things through.

Other happenings this weekend include:

  1. A planned 7-mile run that didn’t end up happening because Will slept until 8:30 a.m. (meaning I did too — and it was worth it). It got downgraded to a quick 4-miler; I will get those long runs in at some point!
  2. Visits from Will’s grandparents and many aunties and uncles! Steve’s parents, sister and niece came down from PA and my dad drove down from Warrenton. Along with my sisters, brothers-in-law and nieces, we took up a lot of room in church this morning. And it’s a big sanctuary.
  3. Some homemade tomato sauce! It is SO GOOD. My own tomatoes weren’t fit for sauce (I grew cherry tomatoes), so I used a combination of romas bought from our CSA and tomatoe grown in my dad’s garden.
  4. Amazing weather. Not so much yesterday — yesterday was still hot and humid and gross, just like all summer long — but today was glorious. The weather reminded me of my wedding day.
  5. More stroller running today. I don’t normally run on Sundays but the weather was so nice I couldn’t resist. I did the same three-mile route I walked so much this past spring, and it’s remarkable (but also unsurprising, really) how different I feel now. The last time I ran this route was on July 4, and it was a really tough run. Today I ran it with a jogging stroller and found it, for the most part, very easy. (Except for the giant hills, of course, but even those weren’t too bad!)
  6. Some celebratory clothes-wearing. This sounds trivial, but man it feels so good to start wearing some of my old clothes again. Little by little I am fitting back into things I haven’t worn since before I was pregnant the first time (so, at least 2.5 years).

We have a busy week ahead of us with Bible study, music “class”, and the start of my regular Monday afternoon babysitting gig for Leah’s girls. I am also hoping to start some projects around the house — like cleaning out my closet. Yay?