I know.

This picture is noteworthy not only because it showcases my babe in all his 5-months-old glory, but also because he’s wearing little pants. Prior to this week he wore onesies and rompers almost exclusively, but it’s starting to cool off! He looks so mature in pants, too. He has baby jeans but I don’t know if I can handle the cute so I haven’t put them on him yet.

Anyway. On Tuesday Will turned five months old! It’s crazy but every month I say this month has been the most fun yet — and this month was, definitely, the most fun yet. Just this month he’s started rolling all around, stuffing everything into his mouth, talking up a storm, and exploring the world around him.


This is the first month he’s shown interest in his little aardvark buddy, so future monthly pictures should be even more fun.

We’ve taken lots of big steps this month, as I mentioned earlier this week — we’ve been stroller running, his baptism was this past weekend, and we’ve started down the long road of solid foods. He seems to be getting the hang of cereal, though most of it winds up on his bib or his face, and a lot of the time he is MUCH more interested in chewing on his bib than anything else!

We have also been putting him in the nursery at church and during Bible study, where he has made lots of baby friends and is much-loved by the nursery workers and volunteers. He is such a chill baby that (for now, at least) he is pretty unfazed about being around so many new people.

He really is such a chill baby. Everywhere we go, people comment on his laid-back nature and relaxed attitude. I promise I am not doing anything to make him this way besides donate some of my DNA; he seems to have been born with his mom’s Type B personality! Once we got out of the so-called “fourth trimester” he has been an incredibly easy baby and yes — I know how fortunate I am. In fact I’m nervous about his toddler years, and about baby #2. I feel like both of those things will probably more than make up for this easy time.

Our days are starting to approach a regular routine, but I still struggle with knowing how to schedule things, since his nap times are all over the map. He consistently has been taking two naps a day, each about 90 minutes to two hours — but I never know when they will be since it generally all hinges on when he wakes up for the day or from his previous nap. I’m not sure whether I should just start trying to implement a schedule (e.g. naptime happens at 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.) or if I should keep going with the flow and just give it more time. This is one of those (many, many, many, many) moments when I wish I had my mom around to ask for advice. She was a baby whisperer.

Some other 5-month facts and stats:

  • height and weight: I actually don’t know. At his four-month appointment (which was about three weeks ago) he weighed over fifteen pounds and was in the 75th percentile for height and the 55th for weight. But he’s bigger now, of course.
  • clothes: He is starting to wear some 6-month outfits which is really fun since we got a number of them as gifts before he was born. And like I said he has some baby jeans waiting in reserve! Now that the weather’s cooling off, I guess I will have to start thinking about hats, baby shoes (?), jackets, socks, sweaters … just when I was getting the hang of dressing my baby.
  • diapers: Like I say every  month, we are still going strong in cloth. I love it. I love it. This month I have been really trying to make sure we have a good fit so he doesn’t leak, and I think a combination of that plus his filling out a bit has meant that he very rarely leaks anymore, which is awesome. There were a few frustrating weeks when I had to change his outfit more often than I wanted to. However, we do put him in a size 3 disposable overnight, since we had a lot of issues with overnight leaking. I know there are things like hemp inserts and various other problem-solvers for babies who pee all night like like mine does, but personally it’s not a battle I really want to fight. Changing him in the middle of the night is a nightmare since it’s probably the one situation that causes him to scream like he’s being killed. So, we opt for a disposable. (He also wears disposables to church, since I doubt the nursery workers want to deal with my choice to cloth diaper.) So that’s about 8-9 disposable diapers per week. Not ideal (and let’s face it, disposable diapers are not nearly as cute), but it’s something I can live with.

  • naps: Like I said above, he has finally seemed to settle into a two-nap-a-day routine. Sometimes a third short nap in the early evening. But our real victory this month was getting out of the swing! He still seems to need to be swaddled for his naps, otherwise he wakes himself up getting his hands all in his face and he then can’t seem to go back to sleep. Maybe this month we will do away with the swaddle — at least, I hope so, because he is literally getting too big for it.

(Although it is INCREDIBLY cute.)

  • sleep: He is generally up once per night — sometimes twice, but I think with the advent of solids that this might stop again. I think? Maybe? Who knows. He does sleep through the night about half the time, waking up around 5:00 to eat and then passing out again for another few hours. It’s a pretty good routine. No complaints.
  • favorite things: His new exersaucer, ceiling fans, whatever Mommy’s holding, grabbing hair and faces.
  • least favorite things: Being denied access to whatever Mommy’s holding.
  • I can’t believe: That he’s so big now, that he is consistently taking a long afternoon nap, how happy I am, and how much hair he has now.
  • I am looking forward to: Baby jeans.

I can’t believe it (because he is so awesome right now) but based on our previous record, I know this next month is about to be the most fun ever. Let’s see what it brings!