Yes, that is a bumbo seat on the table. We’re living on the edge!

Well, it was no wedding cake, but baby oatmeal and a fudgesicle were a pretty good substitute. Steve is out of town (sniff, sniff) so Will and I had dinner at my sister Leah’s before coming home to celebrate on our own. It has been a great day!

So young and clueless.

We have been married for three years now, and this is really our first “happy” anniversary. Our first anniversary came eight days after my first miscarriage, and our second was six weeks after my mom died, and in addition I was also in a miserable first-trimester fog. So even though we are spending it separately this year, it’s nice to celebrate a nice, ordinary day. We are celebrating further this weekend with our first-ever post-baby dinner date! I can’t wait. The last time we went out for a nice dinner was the night before I went into labor!

Just hanging out in our wine cellar

I really lucked out when I married Steve, and I hope we have many, many more happy anniversaries.

(Even if they can’t all be followed by amazing honeymoons in San Francisco.)