Will and I are engaged in a nap battle, so between running upstairs to roll him back onto his back and replace his pacifier, I figured I would jot down a few notes about our life lately.

  • I think the sleep/nap issue is slowly improving. We have had trouble with overtiredness this past week, which has led to multiple nights punctuated by pitiful, inconsolable sobbing (on Will’s part, that is) and us having to rock him to sleep or rely on the swing the way we had to when he was a newborn. The deja vu has been kind of weird. The last two nights have been better, so hopefully we’re on the up-and-up here.
  • This sleep transition (as Leah calls it) has been challenging for me. I’ve found myself having a lot of moments where I just have absolutely no idea what to do, and that actually feels pretty foreign to me. Will is a pretty easy baby to figure out, and so not knowing what to do for him is strange. Thankfully I don’t think our cluelessness has done any irreparable damage to our son’s fragile psyche.

Fortunately he has still been making this face a lot.

  • I got to try out an Iyengar yoga class on Wednesday, which was fantastic. I enjoy vinyasa flow style yoga, but I really loved and appreciated the emphasis on alignment that this class offered. We basically did only three poses — triangle, extended side angle and half moon — but the attention to detail left me feeling like not only had I gotten in a good yoga practice, but I got to learn something more about my own practice and about yoga as a whole. I am headed back again tomorrow and I can’t wait, although it feels a bit scandalous to just not run on Saturday morning. I might need to bang out three miles on the treadmill just so I feel like the earth is still on its axis.
  • Speaking of running, Will and I hit the Monticello Trail yesterday for a run. I have walked the trail many, many times (it’s seriously gorgeous) but for a long time I was too intimidated by its steep first half to ever try running it; I thought it would just be miserable. A few months ago I got over myself and ran it, and now I can’t stop. Yesterday was the first time I brought Will there, though, because stroller running uphill is no joke. It was hard work, but also really fun and so much better than the treadmill! The next time we go I am going to bring my camera. (I am that hardcore about my stroller running, man.) The run left my legs so tired that today’s four slow treadmill miles felt just as hard as pushing that stroller uphill!

Not a picture of us running.

  • I bought cherry juice the other day so that this weekend I can attempt Jelly II: Redemption. I will be attempting “chape” jelly — grape and cherry! Fingers crossed that I won’t end up with more would-be syrup. Wish me luck. Yes, I will include all seven cups of sugar, and yes, I will use my biggest pot.
  • It’s October, and that means pink, pink, pink, pink everywhere. I have a lot of thoughts that are worthy of their own blog post at a later date, but in the meantime, it is only October 5 and I’m already sick of all the stupid pink.
  • I’m drinking my biannual Coke. It feels right.

Well, I think I’m the victor in today’s nap war. (Whew!) Happy weekend!