Will has been fighting a runny nose for a week now, and the other day I picked up whatever he’s got. This morning both of us woke up feeling bad, so it’s been a lazy day here at home.

Fortunately he’s still had some energy.

In between wiping baby noses and downing Good Earth tea, I’ve spent the day watching Top Chef reruns and eating the banana bread I had planned to bring to Bible study this morning. (It has millet and whole wheat flour in it; that makes it healthy and healthy food has no calories, right?)

Watching Top Chef (especially the dessert spinoff) always makes me want to go to culinary school. Years ago, when I first started learning how to cook, I thought a lot about going to culinary school — I never thought about it very seriously, but I used to peruse the NECI website when I was bored at work and daydream about doing a pastry program. Life never took me there, but it’s still fun to think what if sometimes. I’m not sure I would like working in a professional kitchen or in a catering business, at any rate — just watching it on TV. But maybe someday I’ll finish that third cake decorating class at Michael’s. (I also sometimes daydream about making wedding cakes, but in real life I don’t think I’d want to deal with brides all day long. Is there any career out there that would allow me to just bake for fun all day long, no strings attached?)

My beautiful wedding cake!

At any rate, right now there’s nothing stopping me from baking all day long for fun, no strings attached. And in fact, just today I found a recipe for a dark chocolate beet bundt cake that I can’t wait to try out. Hopefully Will and I will both be on the mend soon because I have a lot to do!