I’m excited about it too.

Forget the aardvark — this month it was all about that sign.

It’s hard to believe that six months have come and gone since we welcomed Will into our family. Are we really halfway through his first year?

Will has done lots of growing and learning in this last month — so much so that he is really too busy to eat solid foods or nap anymore. Ha. Our “sleep transition” continues, with unpredictable naps and bedtimes. Some days, Will will nap for up to 90 minutes at a time — but on many, many other days those naps are an hour of rolling around and playing in bed followed by short half-hour snoozes. It can be tiring for me, but Will is so cheerful and energetic when he’s not not-napping that it’s hard to be very frustrated by it in general. We just have to be very vigilant about bedtime because it’s easy for him to get overtired — which leads to lots of tears and two parents who think did we just go back in time? is it May?

And as for solid foods? We’ve tried rice cereal, oatmeal, avocado, sweet potatoes and green beans, and Will is disinterested at best. He tolerates the sweet potatoes (maybe even likes them?) but nothing else really impresses him. Today I think we’ll try squash — so we’ll see what he thinks of that! I feel bad trying to get him to eat green beans when I have a feeling he would like peaches or apples so much better, but we are waiting on fruit until he has tasted all the veggies first.

Will also is getting very adept at making his way around his crib. It often takes him a very long time to settle down for his naps, and Steve and I will look at the monitor to discover that he is on his tummy facing the back of his crib — within, say, eight seconds of laying him down. He does not sit up on his own yet, but can sit in a chair (see above) or on our laps without any trouble. I sit him up on the floor quite a bit and hold his hands to help him practice, and he can sometimes sit if I put his hands on the floor in front of him and help him lean on them.

His preferred position — when he doesn’t have a cold, that is

Like I said, he is getting fairly mobile in his own way, but I don’t think he is close to crawling at all and I am not in a hurry for that to happen!

Another funny thing is that Will is starting to look like a combination of both his mom and dad.

When he was first born he looked exactly like Steve, but now that he’s a giant six-month-old, I feel like he looks like himself. Or, well, like Harry Potter — looks just like his father, but with his mother’s eyes. (And no creepy supervillain on his tail.)

Some other six-month facts and stats:

  • It is still crazy to me that he is six months old. It sounds so … mature.
  • Teeth: None yet. Also something I am not in a hurry for! He drools a lot and stuffs everything in his mouth, but I don’t know if he is teething or not or just being a curious baby.
  • Sleep: Will does great at night. Even when he had a cold this past week he slept well at night, and generally wakes up once to eat. He gets up for the day around 7:30 and goes to bed … whenever he needs to, sometimes as early as 6 or 6:30, but in theory it’s around 7 or 7:30.
  • Clothes: Sadly for Mommy, he has outgrown almost all of his 3-6 stuff and is squarely in 6-9. When did my baby get so big?!
  • Height and weight: We find out on Wednesday!
  • Favorite things: His teething ring, his little stuffed bunny, bathtime, interesting textures, Mommy’s iPad (… it begins)
  • Least favorite things: The bulb syringe, napping

It’s taken me six months too, but I finally have shed that I-just-had-a-baby feeling, both physically and mentally. Life has become recognizable again, but it’s a new life, and it’s one that I — more than I ever thought possible — love.