1. Redemption:

Yes: jelly round 2 was a success. I made sure to use my largest stock pot (and even so, it bubbled up dangerously high) and added the obscene amount of sugar as directed in the recipe. The result? Seven jars of delicious and very, very sweet grape-cherry jelly that will probably last me for at least a few years, not counting the syrup I inadvertently made a few weeks ago. When the concord grapes come up in our CSA next summer, I’ll just say no thanks.

2. Success:

I know, I know — I have been working on this sock for ages. And I just now finished it. I have no excuses — I just don’t knit these days as much as I used to, for whatever reason — I’m out of the habit. But regardless, I really enjoyed making this and I have a feeling sock #2 will go much more quickly, especially because I am making hats for my little nieces for Christmas, and I have plans to make another pair of hand warmers for myself, so I can’t let half-finished projects sit on the needles for a month at a time! I just need to get back into the habit of knitting while I watch TV.

I absolutely love wearing one hand-knit sock; I can only imagine the bliss of wearing an actual pair.

3. Bonus:

He gets better at it every day! (His brother Teaker, as you can see, is less impressed.)

We are headed to Pennsylvania tomorrow to spend the weekend with Steve’s family, and I’m looking forward to a few days of extra knitting and reading time while I share Will with his grandparents. Lots of good things happening here!