Okay, not really. But as the east coast waited with growing agitation for Hurricane Sandy’s arrival, I just kept singing this song in my head:

I can’t get it to stop. Last week I was persecuted by a Jason Mraz earworm and now it’s John Travolta; I can’t decide which is the greater torture.

Anyway, it’s now Tuesday morning and Sandy has moved on from Virginia. Here is what the devastation looks like:

There were some power outages and sleet out in the surrounding counties, but for the most part Charlottesville was pretty unaffected by the storm, though you’d never know it from the way they closed the schools for two days. It was a little windy last night, but not that bad. I’ve been reading reports of what things are like in New York City and New England, though, and feeling VERY lucky.

In between reading storm updates over the weekend, we had a lot of fun at home. For starters, my dad and I headed out Saturday morning for our first ten miler training run! Here is where I would include a picture of our bright happy pre- or post-run faces, if I were the type of person to take my camera everywhere. Instead you will have to imagine it.

I am thinking about combining my ten-miler training with half-marathon training — the ten-miler is early this year (March 16) and I think there are a few half marathons in the area in April. I do hope to complete a half marathon next fall, depending on where life takes us, but I don’t see why I can’t also do one this spring. In all honesty, I probably don’t need to do a whole five-month training program to complete ten miles; my longest run so far was seven miles last month and I haven’t had any trouble building up my mileage. The first phase of the training program is base building, which I’ve already done, so for now I am just using it as a general structure for my running and to (hopefully) help me get ready for a half marathon. (There is a more advanced training program for those hoping to set PRs in the race, but the weekday runs are longer than I’m confident I could regularly complete with a baby at home. Life is hard.)

And that being said, I’m still not feeling very motivated to run lately. When I am running, I feel great; it’s the thought of getting dressed and hitting the treadmill that’s unappealing right now. I’m trying to work through it, but right now it’s naptime and I’m not running, so there’s that. Oh well.

Anyway. In addition to running, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend. First there was a chocolate beet cake — it’s delicious, but one would think that using four small-to-medium beets would equal the three medium beets called for in the recipe. One would be wrong. I wound up with barely half the amount of grated beets that I needed! So the cake turned out a bit crumbly. I’d like to try it again when I have more beets. And in any event we now have chocolate cake in the freezer, in case of emergency.

In addition to cake I made granola, baby food (carrots!), pumpkin pancakes (2013 will be my year of not burning pancakes, I swear) and applesauce!

mighty towers of applesauce

I used the apples we got at the orchard a few weeks ago. Super simple. I didn’t add any spices or anything to it since I will be adding it to baby food, but I really don’t think it needs anything. Leah has the canning pot right now but once I get it back I’ll process three jars and keep the fourth in the fridge. And if I get some seconds apples I will probably make more. Now I’m thinking about my next canning project … pear jam? cranberry-apple butter?

(I also found a recipe for maple pumpkin butter. I have a pie pumpkin …)

Out of the kitchen, I started cleaning some things out of cupboards and hutches. Steve and I have a small house, and we both want to stay in the house as long as we can fit in it — both because the idea of moving is so repugnant, and also because we don’t want to have to move until we can buy a house we want to stay in long-term. So I’m trying to get rid of a lot of stuff and clutter just to preserve my own sanity! I felt good tossing a large garbage bag’s worth of stuff, and setting aside a box of Goodwill donations and future library books. I think my 2013 motto will be to simplify, simplify.

And of course I also made some sock progress.

like my fluffy pink bathrobe? it’s monogrammed.

As predicted, this one is coming along much more quickly than sock #1. I can’t wait to finish it. Sadly it seems that most of my winter shoes either don’t require socks (driving mocs) or are boots. Quick! I need some sock-worthy shoes! The world needs to see these! (How will everyone know I’ve made my own socks??)

Anyway, that’s the news around here. Tomorrow is Halloween, but I am a Halloween grinch and really can’t bring myself to care too much. Steve will be traveling, and I am not handing out candy in his absence. Does that make me a bad person? Will has a “costume” (his little bear outfit) but in general I am not in love with the idea of dressing up a baby in a silly costume just for other people’s amusement. Maybe I just have no sense of humor.

But you know who does have a sense of humor? Will and his grandpa. Enjoy this gratuitous video taken while we were in Pennsylvania:

Have a happy Tuesday!