Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you’re all full of turkey and stuffing by now — personally I am waiting a little while to have a third slice of pumpkin pie. It’s been a really nice holiday.

We discovered when we got here that we had inadvertently left all my shoes at home — so to prevent me from showing up at church on Sunday in Uggs, we headed out yesterday to remedy the situation. I found some black wedges for Sunday, and also these:

Emergency Sauconys! Heh. We figured I will eventually need new sneakers anyway, and there was a sale, and this way I didn’t have to miss an entire week’s worth of running. These are somewhat less cushioned than my Nikes, so I may save them for treadmill runs. I headed out in them for five miles this morning, and I really liked them.

Other than that, we haven’t ventured out much. Will has, of course, enjoyed lots of attention from Grandma, Grandpa, aunties, uncles and cousins. I think tomorrow we’ll take him to the park to try out the baby swings — I think it might blow his mind. I’ve also made some good progress on a hat for Caroline, but no pictures, just in case her mom is reading. 😉

This year, I am thankful for the obvious:

… for big things like my health and my family, but also for the little things, like:

  • coffee with heavy cream
  • Country Living magazine
  • pigeon pose
  • the moderate success of my little container garden
  • clean and colorful cloth diapers
  • slippers
  • emergency Sauconys
  • my soon-to-be-home-brewed kombucha
  • wheel pose
  • leftovers tomorrow!

Have a great weekend everyone!