Ginger kombucha is bottled and in the fridge. This batch, as you can see, did not produce a lot of kombucha — I had two scobys to refrigerate which required around half a cup of kombucha, and I had only brewed a quart to begin with. But what I do have is delicious.

I now have four scobys in the fridge, so I think what I’m going to do is brew two or three batches over the next week, all starting on different days, so that I can bottle them as they ferment and have more kombucha waiting for me in the fridge when I want it. I also want to experiment with brewing it in larger quantities — if I can get my hands on some half-gallon mason jars. And of course I want to try some different flavor combinations. This batch tastes a lot like ginger beer! It’s good. Next up I think I’ll try cranberry and pear.

And, in other news, Steve and I are in the running for parents of the year.

Watching Baby Einstein

Please don’t tell the American Academy of Pediatrics.