Last night I headed back to the Iyengar yoga studio for a much-needed instructor-led practice. I’ve been slacking on my strength training as well as my yoga, so I was really glad that the class focused a lot on core and upper body work. And my arms are still feeling it today. That’s always nice!

After class, the instructor and I were talking. We had been emailing back and forth about an erroneous charge on my account, and during the course of our conversation, the option of a work-study agreement came up. And now I find myself faced with a decision: work-study yoga? or pay my own way?

Not so much …

A work-study plan would have me come in once a week for an hour or so and help out cleaning the studio. I could bring Will with me, and the timing would work out great with our current routine. Honestly, it sounds on paper like it would be a great fit, and it would enable me to spend some more time advancing my yoga practice without breaking the bank, while also helping out the studio owner in a tangible way.

I haven’t made a commitment yet, however, because I don’t want to jump into something that might then turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth. Purchasing a class card would cost anywhere between $165-195, depending on whether I sign up for 60-minute classes or 90-minute ones. That works out to $11-13 per class, and thus that is how much my work would “pay”. Is it more worthwhile for me to spend that hour or two a week doing other things and paying the $11-13 myself every week, or is this a good way to save money? That is what I have to figure out. Any thoughts? Am I just overthinking this?

Besides yoga-ing this week, things have been pretty quiet here at home. The kitchen is a wreck right now (and I swear it was spotless just 24 hours ago …) so I better get to work. Have a wonderful Thursday!