It’s Tuesday afternoon and I woke up today with another cold. Before Will was born I was very rarely ever sick — but I think this is the third time I’ve come down with something since his arrival. I just hope he doesn’t get it. Ugh.

Anyway, I found two videos online today — one that made me laugh, and another that left me amazed. Check them out when you get a chance.

The first is my girl Julia Child, remixed by the people at PBS Digital Studios:

My favorite part is where she reminds us that we need fat in our diets, or our bodies can’t process the vitamins in our food. Preach!

The second is one that was shared on facebook by a couple of local yoga studios. It’s of a disabled veteran who was told he would never again walk unassisted — but was able to transform his body, his life, and his physical abilities through his yoga practice. It’s really amazing to watch.

That is about all that’s going on here today. I have a banana bread to bake — so I better get to work while this nap lasts. Have a good afternoon!