Note: I wrote the below post just before I found out about the horrific shooting in Connecticut. I have hugged my baby extra tight today and grieve with the families who can no longer do so with their own babies. We shouldn’t have to live in a world where we are afraid to send our children to school. Pray for peace.

Eight months old:


Life with an eight-month-old baby is so much fun. The above picture can give you an impression of how our eight-month photoshoot went the other day — chaos.


This is the first picture I took — the rest were all outtakes. This baby never. stops. moving. It’s so great.

Will has taken a lot of big steps in this last month — figuratively and (sort of) literally. First, he has mastered the art of sitting up. I think compared to most babies his age he was a little late on this, but over the last few weeks he has really figured it out. He can reach forward, reach behind him, lean to the side to get a toy, all without toppling over. He also has figured out how to go from sitting up to lying on his belly, which is an important move to have mastered — now that he is army crawling.

Yes! My baby is mobile! It’s time to hide all the cords in the house! So far he has shown a great aptitude for locating any and all non-toys in the house to crawl toward — cords; wooden shoes (real ones, straight from Holland, that do actually fit me); cat toys; Christmas presents; paper. PAPER.

Happily I think this new development will go a long way toward helping me stay on top of the clutter in this house. Hooray!


Will has another favorite toy: shoelaces. I can’t pretend to explain or understand it, but shoelaces are just IT for him. Especially the leather shoelaces on our slippers. He actually will get mad if he sees that we’re wearing them and not sharing them with him. When we were at Steve’s parents’ house over Thanksgiving we just gave him a few leather laces to play with and he was just the happiest baby with them. He loves to feel them between his fingers, pull the laces taut between his hands, chew on them … shoelaces, man. There’s just nothing like them.

Another exciting milestone this month came in the form of more new foods.


So far he seems to like peas! But the real development is that we have started giving him table food. Yes! Moving away from purees — I never really liked purees, honestly. I should have read Baby-Led Weaning to start with (still haven’t read it yet, but it’s on the list — although now I’m wondering whether it’s really necessary?) — I actually find feeding my baby solid foods to be pretty overwhelming for some reason. The only thing he has ever reacted to was that combination of oatmeal and applesauce, which we haven’t repeated, but all the same I have been nervous about feeding him real food. Like, I have no idea when he can start having things like bread. Pasta. Dairy. Eggs. You know? So far he has just had baby cereal and fruits and veggies. And yogurt, once, but he didn’t really seem to be into it. I need to do some research into infant nutrition to feel like I’m really comfortable knowing how to feed my baby.

Favorite foods so far seem to be pears, peas, sweet potatoes and squash, while he doesn’t really seem to care for bananas. Everything else is pretty neutral. He also likes puffs and can put them in his mouth on his own now!


He continues to be a good napper, now that he’s figured out how to take two good naps a day. He doesn’t nap or sleep well away from home — he cries when he has to take a nap at his auntie’s or go to bed at my dad’s, but it’s not too bad. Overnight he is still doing fine too. He still seems to need that late-night feeding, which is fine with me because occasionally (like last night) I will feed him at 10:30 p.m. and he’ll sleep straight through until 8:00! Of course, other nights he still wakes up at 3 a.m., but I’ll take what I can get. It’s much better than having to get up with him twice at night.

He has also achieved the impossible this month — the baby who used to cry and scream if he was on his tummy in his crib now sleeps on his side and his tummy — purposely. I am a proud mama. It is so cute to look on the video monitor and see him curled up on his side in his crib, or sprawled out on his belly.

Another change this month is that (and this is going to sound obvious) he just suddenly seems so much BIGGER. I just bought some 9-month Christmas outfits for him (unbelievably cute) — and they barely fit. I know that some of that is because of his giant cloth diaper butt, but still! I didn’t think my babe was particularly large, but I think he has grown a lot in height this month. His 6-9 sleepers are officially too small. Last night he wore size 12-month pajamas. When did my baby get big enough for size 12-month anything?

Other eight-month facts and stats:

  • Still no teeth! Just a big gummy smile.
  • He wore his first pair of shoes this morning. I got him some soft-soled leather shoes at Target “for Christmas” — they’re 6-12 month size but are still quite a bit too big for him. Still, they’ll keep his feet warm on cold mornings like today!
  • Favorite things: bath time, shoelaces, cords, paper, burp cloths, the kitties, mommy’s hair, swings
  • Least favorite things: when mommy and daddy have the audacity to wear slippers in his presence without offering them to him as a toy; having paper taken away and not being allowed to eat it


He’s just about the happiest baby that ever was. I’m so glad to be his mama.