• Finish that hat.


So close …!

  • Clean the evidence of tonight’s dinner in my kitchen. Sauteed pork chops a la Mark Bittman, roasted new potatoes, and creamed spinach. It was every bit as delicious as it sounds and will have been worth every moment of cleanup … whenever I get to that.
  • Have breakfast tomorrow at the Blue Grass Grill, provided the world will hang on just a little while longer. Eggs, bacon, biscuit and grapefruit juice here I come.
  • Watch this video a thousand more times:
  • Locate an advanced copy of the new Les Mis movie and watch it at least four times, singing along to the entire thing.
  • Also go see the Hobbit. My inner Tolkien geek is so embarrassed that the movie’s been out for like a week and I haven’t been to see it yet.
  • Get my closet organized; I’ve been meaning to get around to that.

I’m trying to think of any other nagging tasks I’ve been putting off, now that the Mayans have given us a deadline. Clearly I have a lot to do. Time to get to work!

ETA: I also want to reread Persuasion, based on this article just linked on facebook. It was my favorite Austen when I read it five years ago or so, and I don’t doubt it’ll be my favorite again. I hope the Mayans hold off long enough for me to finish it!