Look at this baby.


He is nine months old! He’s now been on the outside as long as he was on the inside. Crazy how long pregnancy is — even though the last nine months have flown by!


He continues to be the best baby ever. He stays very busy — crawling everywhere, climbing on everything, and talking about all kinds of things. He crawls on his belly still, but practices getting up on his hands and knees. He is into everything and especially loves finding cords, paper, and cat toys. Never content to sit quietly for long, he is constantly reaching for anything he can grab, to study it, turn it over in his hands, wave it around with great vigor, and of course put it in his mouth. He has also (kind of) learned how to pull to stand — but only in his baby bathtub, where he also kicks and splashes with great joy and enthusiasm. Bath time is getting to be a big project around here!


(He was fascinated by this sink bath up at my dad’s house.)

He talks a lot, and is now saying da da da almost all the time, along with making t and th sounds. He still blows raspberries a lot too. He has not started repeating us when we say things, but he’s started a new game where he nods his head from side to side and then giggles when we do it too. It’s one of my favorite things to watch him do!


He has tried some new foods this month, too — notably things like pancakes, rice and cream cheese. His favorite thing to eat right now is baby puffs with cream cheese. He also likes to eat peas and occasionally he likes yogurt mixed with fruit, although he still does not seem to care for bananas. We have been giving him a puree most nights to help him stay full at night, and I think it’s helped, although he seems to want to start feeding himself with the spoon. I wouldn’t say he’s wild about most food or about eating in general (except for puffs with cream cheese) but feeding him isn’t difficult or anything.

He has also tried using a sippie cup this month! It’s so fun to see him learn how to use it, how to hold it, and especially to see his reaction when he actually gets some water in his mouth. I can’t believe my baby is big enough to use a sippie cup!

We’ve also had a somewhat more unwelcome first this past weekend … baby’s first fever. Yesterday he woke up to a 101.3 degree temperature. Fortunately he seemed pretty unfazed by it and was doing fine by the end of the day, but he has a pitiful cough and sneeze now. I’m just grateful it’s not the flu, and we’re hunkered down at home for now. (It hasn’t slowed him down at all, either, so it’s not like I get a sleepy cuddly baby out of the deal. Nope! Lots of climbing and crawling to keep up with!)

One other first happened this morning as well: I looked up from my breakfast to see that Will had actually climbed out of his exersaucer. It looks like this:


And yeah, he somehow climbed all the way out of it. I looked up to see him crawling across the floor. I had no idea he was capable of that. Now nothing is safe!

Here are a few more nine-month facts and stats:

  • Size: don’t know yet, but we go to the doctor next week and will find out then. He seems really big to me but I have no idea how he compares to other babies. (I know he’s not exceptionally large just based on his clothing size — so I think he is just big to me!)
  • Teeth: still none. I assume he will cut a tooth eventually, but we are in no rush.
  • Diapers: just today I adjusted the rise and fit of his diapers, since we’ve been having some issues with leaking, and I think it was the right move — much better fit and (so far) no leaking! We were using velcro diapers overnight but he was leaking out of them within a few hours (sometimes twice during the same night) so we are back to size 3 disposables overnight. I also stripped his diapers for the first time last night to help with their absorbency, however, and if he continues to not leak during naps I’d be willing to give it a try again. The Pampers we were using have suddenly started to give him an awful diaper rash, so we switched to Seventh Generation disposables which seem to agree with his skin more. Even so, I still prefer the cloth diapers by a factor of about one million so I’m hoping we can start using them overnight again.
  • Clothes: he has outgrown almost all of his nine-month clothes and is starting to wear twelve-month sizes. The other day we bought him some new shirts to wear and had to shop in the toddler section! — and we bought him shirts, not onesies. My baby is growing up! (That being said, I still prefer onesies at this point. He only has so long to wear them and they are so cute!)


This is such a fun age. I love watching him discover new things every day. I can’t wait to see what next month brings!