and I’m getting wild and crazy with a blog post!

It has been a long and rainy week — turns out Will’s fever on Sunday was the onset of RSV, so he spent all week being coughy and sneezy and pitiful. When he started wheezing on Thursday I took him in to see the doctor and after a few nebulizer treatments, he’s improving. We have the humidifier in his room going so strongly it feels, in Steve’s words, like a rainforest in there. It’s been hard to see my babe so miserable! I wish I could do more for him. Thankfully, apart from being a little extra clingy and fussy, he doesn’t seem too bothered by the virus. Today he seems much better than yesterday, too — hallelujah!

Yesterday while we were standing in line at the Target pharmacy, being told that our albuterol prescription was only available at (literally) the most inconvenient, slow and germ-infested CVS in town, and that CVS wouldn’t allow the Target pharmacists to call in the prescription for me, I looked down at my exhausted, miserable baby cuddled up against me in the Ergo, and I thought to myself, well, I’ve had worse birthdaysI have tried hard to maintain that perspective ever since Will was born, and with that in mind, it wasn’t hard to count my blessings. (I also counted my blessings that my sister Karen showed up a few minutes later to drop off a prescription of her own — thankfully she offered to get the albuterol so I could take Will home! It was a wonderful birthday present.) My birthday wasn’t a particularly wonderful day in that I spent most of it out in the rain with a sick baby, talking to doctors and pharmacists, but I feel so lucky every day that in spite of the inconveniences and the rain and the under-the-weather baby, it really was my best birthday ever.

We are just kind of twiddling our thumbs at home here now, since we were supposed to spend this weekend up in Pennsylvania, but our sick baby means we are postponing our trip. Hopefully I can get a few things accomplished …


(source — this just kind of made me laugh. It’s not hard.)

I haven’t done a whole lot this week besides ruin my own birthday cake (more on that below), so hopefully now we’re on an upward swing. After all, it’s a new year — I need to start 33 off on the right foot. Things I would like to address over the next few days:

  • declutter (of course)
  • start a pair of handwarmers
  • brew some kombucha
  • make orange-ricotta pound cake

The cake is a replacement birthday cake, since the dark-chocolate-pear cake I tried to make on Wednesday was a giant fail. I was so disappointed! But for whatever reason it never set up. My cake tester came out clean, and it baked for the right amount of time, but when I cut into it it was still basically liquid inside. I was mostly disappointed because I used three beautiful, perfectly-ripe pears in the cake and it was so sad to watch them go into the trash. Ugh. Hopefully I will have better success with pound cake, and will work up the courage to try dark chocolate and pears again at some point when the bitter sting of defeat is not so fresh.

Lastly, I have two further thoughts.

  1. I’m thinking (thinking! [thinking!]) about trying the baking-soda-and-vinegar shampoo thing. Thoughts? Advice?
  2. I’m thinking about (or, planning, rather) cut my hair short. Something between a bob and a pixie cut. We’ll see how brave I am when I get to the salon. Thoughts? Advice?

Thanks for the brain dump. Time for a bowl of cereal. I have a ten mile run tomorrow morning!