So I follow a number of natural living, health, and nutrition blogs these days. Most of the blogs I read follow Michael Pollan’s advice to “eat real food, not too much, mostly plants”, and I’ve found a lot of helpful resources as I’ve transitioned further and further away from the Standard American Diet. I have been learning so much about health and nutrition in general and it’s been absolutely fascinating. (I drink whole milk! I have wheat berries and I think I might try sprouting them! So much to do!)

Anyway. Being a natural living hippie health nut is all well and good (and a lot of fun) BUT it carries a risk. And that is the risk of arrogantly believing that your superior lifestyle choices are going to save you. One blog I follow posted this question on facebook:


(Go visit Butter Believer! Have faith in real food!)

There were a ton of responses to her questions, most of which made me silently rage. They included “all the chemicals and toxins in the products they use and food they eat” (love the dismissive use of “they”), “SOY!!!!!!!!!”, “food that is not nourishing & birth control”, “a lot of hormonal issues due to eating habits probably is a huge culprit” and “wheat and low-fat diets”.

Well isn’t that helpful! I broke my never-get-into-internet-arguments-with-strangers rule to add this to this discussion:


This kind of attitude is all over the place. When will people learn that try as we might, we can’t control everything? Yes, I take a great interest in my health and well-being in the hopes that I will be able to avoid chronic disease in future years and to live a full, vibrant, and long life. But it would be foolish in the extreme for me to assume that my good choices are going to somehow exempt me from danger. They may protect me, but save me? No. I am trying to do everything “right”, to be sure. But ultimately cancer doesn’t care if I drink organic milk or use a paraben-free body lotion. It might be harder for cancer to find me, but not impossible.

It’s so easy to fall into that trap, though. So easy to start assuming that if you do a, b and c you’ll be saved from x, y and z. And it’s just not that simple. May I never lose sight of that. May I never forget who’s really in control. My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart (Psalm 7:10).