Double digits!


Look at this face. Isn’t he the best?

Now that we are rounding the finish line on Will’s first year, it’s been a lot of fun to see him grow and develop this month. The biggest takeaway? This baby never stops moving. This picture is really more representative of how our photo shoot today went:


Steve and I fondly reminisce about the days when we could put him down on a blanket and he would just … stay there. What was that like?

This month Will built on a lot of the skills he was learning last month — talking, crawling, climbing, eating. He still crawls on his belly; I don’t know if he will ever crawl on his hands and knees, because he is pretty speedy as is. He also learned how to sit himself up. At first he did it only in bed for some reason but I guess now he feels comfortable enough to perform his new tricks in front of an audience. I can tell he is figuring out how to pull to stand, but I’ve never seen him do it anywhere other than in his baby bathtub so we haven’t crossed that off the list yet. (For these reasons, I don’t think he will be an early walker. And that is OK with me!)

Another VERY exciting development this month is that Will has dropped his 4 a.m. feeding. This is amazing. We have been doing a “dream feed” at around 10:30 or so, so that may have something to do with it. I’m now afraid to drop the dream feed in case that’s the only thing standing between me and an early-morning wakeup call, but I’ve been meaning to try it soon.


Naturally, this baby is surrounded by toys in every direction, but his very favorite toy is my phone.


We have introduced a lot of new foods this month and have phased out purees pretty much entirely. He has tried grilled cheese, eggs, toast, lasagna, fish, cottage cheese … his favorite foods so far seem to be applesauce, bread and cheese. But you can’t really go wrong with that. He also really seems to love plain yogurt!


Waking up from a nap. Note the extra “par” (pacifier) — multiples are a necessity!

His outfit above says “I love my kitty” which is DEFINITELY true. Will is fascinated by the cats. He crawls right over to them, cackling madly, and follows them around trying to get a handful of fur. I am having to follow him very closely to make sure there are no scuffles — but the kitties just keep their distance when they see him coming, which is another behavior I’m being very careful to encourage. Hopefully he won’t have any trouble learning how to respect the kitties and pet them very gently.

We’ve also gotten out and about this month. There have been some really lovely mild winter days so we have been able to go stroller running — and with that comes a quick stop at the baby swings!


We are both wearing our running shoes.



Some ten-month facts and stats:

  • He still has no teeth. I assume he will get a tooth eventually … but in the meantime I just love that gummy smile.
  • Nurses 5-6 times a day
  • Outgrowing most of his 9-month size clothes
  • Is finally over the RSV that took him out for most of January
  • He has a ton of hair. It’s getting really long — I can tuck it behind his ears! I know I will have to cut it eventually but I am going to put that day off for a while, because I can’t imagine trying to get this baby to hold still for a haircut anytime soon. Yikes.


Happy ten month, sweetbear!

PS the jacket he’s wearing here used to belong to his Uncle Tim. He might not have any boy cousins but we found some hand-me-downs anyway!