So: it’s been a while. I’ve missed writing, and I’m thinking about coming back to blog some again. The reasons I stopped blogging to begin with aren’t important (they’re not really reasons), but I’m finding myself with things to say and write about these days and nowhere to say it and nowhere to write about it. And yeah, I could journal privately, but I think my writing is better when I at least imagine I have an audience, and missing writing is the #1 reason I want to start blogging again. Even if blogging does kind of feel silly and self-indulgent sometimes.

So here are the reasons (I think) I’m coming back:

1. I’d like to chronicle this period of time in my life, so that in the future I can look back either nostalgically or in wonder that I ever survived.

2. I learn things by writing about them, and there are a lot of things I’d like to learn.

3. Sometimes I come across an article online that I really, really hate, and I need somewhere to go to vent my spleen. (Conversely, sometimes I read a book that I really, really love, and I need somewhere to gush. I will be doing this soon.)

4. I’d like for my kids someday to be able to read their mother’s (and maybe someday, their grandmother’s) thoughts about being a mom/woman/Christian in the early 21st century.

5. I miss writing.

I would include a photo or two on this post, but I haven’t used my actual camera in about a year (hello iPhone) and therefore I don’t have any recent pictures on my computer! (But you can follow me on instagram at @doublepointedneedles. I promise I’ll get the camera out soon, or finally upload my iPhone photos onto my computer …)