I just don’t have time for a lot of things right now. (My 2014 new year’s resolution, after all, was “I just don’t have time for this crap.”) Here are some things I just don’t have the time or energy to care about right now:

1. Working out. I know — I know. Disclaimer: I should say that my entire list of things I don’t care about right now are all things I actually care deeply about but have to set aside for a time just for the sake of expediency. Working out is one of those things. I tried to resume running when Anna was about five weeks old, but a few excuses got in the way and I haven’t made it much of a priority since. One, my treadmill is in the basement, and my basement is dark (really, we need to do something about the lighting …). Two, the only time I have to run is either before dawn (which doesn’t solve the darkness issue) or after the kids go to bed, when I am too damn tired. Honestly, rest is a bigger priority for me right now than getting my speed back. And if I’m being even more honest, my heart’s not in it. I haven’t missed running much, and I think I’m just too tired to consider doing any kind of exercise (spinning, weight lifting, etc) that isn’t yoga or gentle swimming. To use a cliche that’s as exhausted as I am, I’m listening to my body. It’s telling me to rest. I just don’t care about getting my workout in. There’s time for that later.

2. Losing weight. I have about 10 pounds to go before I’m back at my pre-pregnancy weight and omg, I just don’t care. I feel like I look fine. Yes, I’d like to lose those 10 pounds, but I really don’t care if it happens now or six months from now. The only reason I really care about losing weight is because all of my clothes are two sizes smaller than my current size and I’d eventually like to be able to wear a pair of pants that buttons. I also need to fit into my swimsuits this summer so I don’t have to spend the money on new ones.

3. Related: wearing real pants. I want to talk more about this later, but I’ve started wearing a personal uniform this winter and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Part of why I love it so much is because I just don’t care about wearing real pants right now. That’s for Summer 2015 Amy to think about. Leggings all day long, leggings forever.

mirror pic

(And yoga pants.)

(A few more things I care about less than I probably should right now: 1. showering. 2. saying no to dessert and wine. 3. wearing contacts and makeup. 4. leaving my house.)

Like I said, deep down I really do care about these things. I care about working out. But the time I have available to work out is so limited, and the opportunities I do have I’d rather sleep or practice yoga. When flu season is over I can bring the kids to the gym again and hit the pool or spin classes, but … that’s not today. I’ve chosen to not care about it, and that feels really good. (As an aside, I doubt distance running will make the leap with me to this new mom-of-two lifestyle. I don’t miss it much when I compare it to swimming, which I picked up during pregnancy, or cycling. Yoga will always be my first love, though, and right now it’s the only “exercise” I make time for, because it’s worth it to me. Perhaps 2015 will FINALLY be the year of the headstand.)

Likewise, I actually would like to see those last ten pounds of pregnancy weight melt away, if only to be able to wear my clothes. Physically I don’t care — ten pounds isn’t really a big deal to me and I don’t mind how I look right now. But it’d be nice to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, just, you know, because I know it’s in there. I imagine this will happen with time, especially once I get back to the gym. But for now I just don’t care. It’s great.

About the real pants, though … we’ll see. The leggings might be a permanent lifestyle choice. 🙂